Our Albus platform allows fleet owners to manage their operations with peace of mind.

You can choose to add and drop drivers, run MVRs on a regular basis, maintain copies of COIs, request loss runs, and monitor your fleet safety. With our cloud software, we take away worries about insurance compliance. This allows you to focus on what matters: making sure your fleet is humming along.

Albus Process

As with any normal brokerage, we first ask for a list of your drivers and vehicles. If you do not have copies of MVRs, we will order them for you and manage them on the Albus platform. If you would like to have a copy yourself, it costs $5 / MVR for us to legally give you a copy. We do not make money off MVRs. Fees are paid to the DMV and third party systems to get MVR copies.

Next, we ask for copies of all driver certificate of insurance or your existing declaration page of your fleet insurance. This is necessary to get your loss history of your fleet. Having copies of each driver’s MVR and Loss History allows us to apply discounts and get you the lowest quotes possible. You may use the Albus Platform to send out SMS to each of your drivers requesting them to take a picture of their COI. They can text back pictures making your compliance management easy. Our platform allows you to a request for their individual loss histories. We ensure that this authorization is legally binding and approved by insurance regulation.

Getting the Best Quotes

We will provide the first indication within 24 hours of receiving your list of drivers and vehicles. At this point, if you would like to engage and are interested to receive more quotes, we ask that you sign a Broker of Record. This allows us to aggressively present your fleet to carriers nationwide confidently and quickly. The Broker of Record may be canceled at your request if you choose to go with another insurance agent. We are confident that our service and expertise will win your businesses.

Payment and Process

We can handle payment at the individual level or at the fleet level. Or payment system allows for credit card or ACH authorization to be automatically deducted for each driver. As a fleet owner you will be notified if any of your drivers are non-compliant.