Long term success of fleet operations must leverage technology

Managing risk allows you to establish financial stability in your operation. For decades, insurance companies charged premiums depending on the driver’s risk profile. In personal auto insurance, the more traffic tickets and accidents you get into, the more expensive your coverage will be.

The same applies for commercial auto. By using our telematics solution, dashcam solution, and driver safety program, you can leverage Albus to implement a safer fleet. A safer fleet means fewer accidents and traffic violations. As your business grows, a clean loss run (similar to a insurance FICO score) will provide lower rates for you and your drivers.

“I like to use Albus dashcam and telematics solutions because I have the confidence of getting the best tech integrations with my fleet.” – K. Matheny

Advice across all of your entire fleet

We here at Albus are knowledgeable insurance professionals focused on the needs of professional drivers. We maximize financial stability and make sure you are compliant in operating your business

The Albus Telematics solution embeds our existing app or third-party SDK solution into your infrastructure. This allows us to track driving behavior, mileage, hard-stops, and more. We are able to integrate any legacy UBI systems that you may have.

We can introduce our Albus Dashcam solution to help protect you against large claims and driver liability lawsuits. Video cameras placed in your vehicle have widespread adoption in Asia and Europe. Our Fleet Management System integrates with your existing or legacy systems, or we can introduce our own collection of third-party solutions.

Our advisers have been in the taxi-limo, truck and bus industry for over 50 years. Through our experience, we know what works best to retain and train drivers. In light of more difficult regulatory and logistical changes, it is important that fleet owners and drivers stay competitive.