There are several types of commercial buses, classified by their general use. There are charter buses, school buses, coach buses and tour buses. As each of these types of buses has different roles, different usage and different environments, coverage for each will vary.

Charter buses and tour buses may be hired several times a year and may run greater distances and across state boundaries. On the other hand, school buses are used most often. They have children on board and are often limited to district or enrollment boundaries around a school. Frequency and number of miles for different types of buses can vary widely, and so can the coverage. We can help assess your insurance needs based on the type of bus or buses you own, and how they are used.

Party buses have become increasingly popular for transportation to and from a wide range of activities, including birthday parties, wedding parties and everything in between. If something goes wrong, the party bus owner can be left with more than just a mess. Unfortunately, many insurance companies are hesitant to write coverage for party buses due to the unique risks they present.

If you own or operate a party bus service, your job is to make sure that your bus is compliant with passenger limit and safety regulations. And you need party bus insurance to make sure that your passengers, employees and vehicles are protected at all times. In addition to commercial auto liability, comprehensive and collision coverage, you may need additional coverage, such as liquor liability and special equipment coverage.